Dylan Storey

Recovering academic.

Dynamically Placing Functions Into Python Classes

This is just me messing around with dynamically setting functions within a class. And then persisting them.

doit for task automation

Having to manage computational workflows can be difficult, more importantly tracking which input and output files have recently been updated to ensure that you don’t repeat work will likely result in you screwing something up or repeating work.

Light Weight Reproducible Research for Data Scientists

A minimal standard for data analysis and other scientific computations is that they be reproducible: that the code and data are assembled in a way so that another group can re-create all of the results (e.g., the figures in a paper). – Karl Broman

The Panama Papers - Building our Database

The publication of the Panama Papers highlighted how individuals/corporations could use offshore entities to avoid taxation at home. It also happened to use Neo4J , so it provides a great data set for general exploration but also gave me an excuse to get better with another database!

The Panama Papers or : How I learned to stop worrying and install a graph database

As part of a data challenge I needed to import the panama papers into a graph database. While images were provided for MacOSX and Windows, none were provided in Linux. Here’s what I learned as a result.