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Fixing Code Review

Fixing Code Review

Here’s an idea where we don’t need to tweak anything we can use what we already have:

You write your notification to your journal of interest , and that notification/article is about the interpretation of the analysis its about the biology and has a brief blurb about the softwares functionality. The editors/reviewers then review the paper with no regard for the software and wait on the software vetting, probably with a response of accepted with software review or rejected w/o code review.

Simultaneously you submit to a journal like Open research software, and they vet the software with their peer review network. They also provide you with a doi and citation for the software. That information is passed on to the bio journal editor with the updated journal article.


  • Software specific citations.
  • Code review.
  • Pre-existing.
  • Allows better tracking of software usage and downloads.


  • Publication rates may be inflated for some projects/groups.
  • Increased publication cost? ( Not sure how much the software journal costs).


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