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What to do when you're expecting.... sequencing

What to do when you’re expecting…. sequencing

This was a talk I was asked to put on for BGI@UCDavis. While it was advertised as an introduction to Bio-informatics “workshop”, that is not what I put together. A problem that still plagues bio-informatics based projects is the post-hoc design of hypothesis after it becomes clear that the original hypothesis testing was not supported by good experimental design.

Instead I gave a very brief introduction to what bio-informatics is, current state of sequencing technologies, how to get prepared for it by getting resources in place, the types of questions investigators need to be able to answer before they invest in sequencing, how to get their data back, and some of the first basic steps they should be doing with their data on return.

We’ll be putting on proper workshops (soon)[http://www.wowwiki.com/Soon] that actually cover specific analyses and workflows.


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