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I'm Dropping Drupal

Why I’m dropping Drupal and GoDaddy for Jekyll and Github.

Not one year ago I had to completely re-do my website because GoDaddy forgot to send me a billing notice and then deleted my website. Since that time I’ve spent more time trying to keep Drupal from completely shitting out on me than creating content. Clearly I needed something to change.

##Why am I choosing Jekyll?

Partially because it en vogue and all I hear about. Also I was able to hack 95% this website together in less than a 3 hour train ride from Sacramento to San Jose. That says alot about how easy the templating can be. I spent more time just playing with and tweaking the css files so I at least didn’t hate it than anything else.

To top it off the idea of being able to do all of my posts in MarkDown is pretty sweet.

##Why Git Hub Pages ?

I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon and I already pay them money. I also pay them a hell of a lot less than I do to GoDaddy. It also helps that the repo for my website is essentially a light weight CMS is pretty cool.

##Time line for the transition ?

I honestly think I can get 90% of it done before Star Wars hits.

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